Measurable Health
Our obervations of wellness, fitness, and healing: lab tests, weight, blood pressure, and measurable goals. Known by observation.

This is the area most people think of when they are considering healthcare. This is the physical exam, blood-pressure, heart-rate, weight, lab tests, ultra-sound, x-rays, etc. The external measurable aspect of ourself - our body. This is also the contribution of Western conventional medicine that uses prescriptions or physical interventions to treat diseases or conditions. Evidence-based medicine.

  Dalai Lama vitality

We can observe the resiliency of the body's ability to respond under stress and how easily it recovers from the effects of stress. We can become aware of our current state of vitality and begin to address any shortcomings we may find. At 360Medicine, we use unique medical devices to both measure the body's energy fields as well as deliver harmonizing electrical frequencies and magnetic fields to improve vitality.

  emotions nutrition

One of the keys to health and well being is what we eat. Much of the disease we experience is the result of poor or unbalanced nutrition. Learning to make useful and supportive choices in food, and cultivating an awareness of what your body does well with and what seems to be burdensome or draining goes a long way toward healing. As we heal compromised health, our nutritional needs will evolve. Establishing a relationship with a skilled practitioner who can advise and suggest appropriate dietary plans for the stage of healing we are in the midst of is very helpful.

  purpose supplements

Skillful use of nutritional supplements can assist in restoring balance to the body's systems. They are not a cure-all and one cannot simply take more and more supplements and expect better health. Smart supplementation based on your particular metabolism and biochemistry is extremely useful in an overall healing plan. Advanced lab testing helps us prioritize and adjust your supplement regimen.

  attitude biology

Becoming aware of how the body works as a biological organism and working with the biology supports vitality and wellness. Interconnected biological functions include hormone and neurotransmitter balance, restorative sleep, digestion, immunity, musculoskeletal integrity, controlled inflammation and efficient cellular energy production. The body must continually replenish nutrients while simultaneously removing accumulated toxins. Learning how the body is both influenced by the mind, and effects the mind is an important dimension of biology and healing.

  thinking fitness

Engaging a balanced and appropriate fitness program is both energizing and healing. People who do strength training in some form statistically live longer than those who do not. Walking regularly, running, hiking, are all part of a fitness plan. Interval training with bursts of higher intensity activity can make your workouts more efficient and productive. One does not need to be heroic or set goals too high, however.

  Gandhi genetics

Our inherited genetic code is an integral part of our biology and health. Yet it is not destiny. Sometimes determining by lab testing if there is a genetic predisposition for certain conditions can empower a practitioner to adjust the health plan to better work-with the overall conditions while healing. The skillfulness and power of our genetic knowledge increases daily. This constant expansion of knowledge can be balanced with our own stable sense of wellness and vitality.