Subjective Health
Our awareness of personal vitality, responsiveness, and well being.
Known by felt experience.

This is the domain of our internal experience. Clearly one's inner experience has a lot of influence on both chronic and acute disease, as well as, increasing well-being and vitality. At 360 Medicine we advise all clients to engage these distinctions in a healthy and positive manner as part of a whole-being health plan.

  Dalai Lama mindfulness

Developing a personal practice that engenders mindfulness is an important ingredient in all healing plans. This can be regular meditation, prayer, a movement practice like Tai Chi or Qi Gung, breathing practices, or mindfulness based stress reduction methods. Opening our awareness to this fundamental aspect of being empowers the growth and development of all the other dimensions of well being and vitality. It is not mysterious or exotic, it is our natural and fundamental birthright.

  emotions emotions

Our relationship with the emotional life that we experience can be postive and life-enhancing. Many of us have habitual ways of disconnecting, denying, or distancing ourselves from emotions. Other may act out, lose themselves into and overly dramatize emotions. There are many methods to engage with and come to a healthy and evolving relationship with emotion. Fundamentally we do not want to suppress or express emotions, we want to address and experience our emotional weather without increasing our own sufferning or the suffering of others. A 360Medicine approach includes learning and developing a healthy relationship with our emotional weather.

  purpose purpose

For many, engaging in a good-hearted exploration of our purposes in life brings clarity and reduces stress. We can both reveal previously unexamined purposes that we have been acting from and that we may or may not wish to continue, as well as, create new purposes that we can orient ourselves with as we move through our days. Our sense of well being and integrity can strengthen as we clarify purpose.

  attitude attitude

Learning healthy attitudes and releasing old negative attitudes is an integral aspect of evolving a more vital and healthy life. We may not be able to control what happens to us and around us, but we do have the ability to cultivate attitudes that allow us to respond in a more healthy way to all that occurs.

  thinking thinking

Both learning how to think creatively and with focus, as well as, coming to know the nature of thought and its role in health and well being is very useful in healing and leading a good life. Thinking includes how we perceive a situation, including our illnesses and how to become healthier.  We strive to help you develop new ways of thinking about and understanding the underlying causes of dis-ease.  Learning new concepts and letting go of inaccurate ones will help you better understand how to maintain optimal wellness.

  Gandhi wisdom

As we develop our qualities of mindfulness, our healthy relationship with emotions, our skills at thinking well, our reflecting upon and creating purpose, and cultivating good attitude, we can grow into a grounded and centered way of knowing and being. All these woven together begin to constitute our access to wisdom. This is not a list to be memorized or a few inspiring quotes. This is our ability to be right in the present moment and respond to the situations we experience with grace and effectiveness.Wisdom arises in the openness we cultivate. And true well being and vitality follow.