The We of Health
Our shared sense of connection and community vitality.
Known by mutual response.

This is the domain of relationships at home, work and school. Our experience of group membership, whether we feel supported or marginalized, and our overall experience of balance in our social participation has a significant influence on our general health and well being.

  Dalai Lama understanding

Understanding is a two way street. We participate in learning how to listen to those around us in a deeper and more receptive way. We also learn to express ourselves such that others can receive and understand us. Engaging in this process frees up vital energy in our bodymind system and increases health and vitality. Practicing generous listening and relaxing any places where we withhold is very healing.

  emotions values

Inquiring into and opening up the dimension of values, clarifying our values and their expression as purpose is very useful in the healing process. We can stand back and view our actions in life to notice those which do not support or are not a true expression of our values, and then we can begin making changes so that we live in balance and alignment. Finding a skilled ally to assist us in values clarification can be very powerful and return a wonderful vitality payoff.

  purpose beliefs

Traditional and wholesome beliefs are supportive and empowering for many. A deep sense of belonging and feeling known and supported is energizing. Healthy beliefs lead us into our connection with God and the source of all that is. It is also important to inquire and examine the shadow side of belief to become aware of and then release any stubborn, hard-held, isolating, or anger-inducing beliefs. Do we use belief to deepen our sense of connection and gratefulness? Or do our beliefs separate and encourage hard feelings of pride or righteousness?

  attitude rapport

Learning how to open to and build harmonious relationships with others and groups is a strong skill that supports health and well being. We do not need to be a shining expert at this, but merely engaging the process and learning to do a bit better goes a long way toward contributing to our health. There are many ways and many different styles of relationship building, each of us can find our way of connecting with a genuine heart. A professional, partnering rapport with your healthcare practitioners is a key foundation to building a healthcare plan over time that works for you as an individual.

  thinking ethics

Ethics is the balanced expression of our values, beliefs and good heart into the world. What we do and do not do has immediate and long term effects on our health and the health of all those around us. Ethics is not necessarily about a list of rules. It is more an ongoing awareness of our interconnection with and embeddedness in all of life, and the natural consequences of this awareness. Having rules we agree on (like stopping at red lights, or not stealing other's belongings) is important as we sometimes do not live and act at our best. A good-hearted examination of virtue, ethics and ethical behavior can be a good source of vitality and well being.

  Gandhi family

Whether it is our natural family constellation or a family of choice, we are supported and nurtured by healthy family connections. Unresolved issues from family situations or environments have considerable effects on health. Consequently, paying attention to our relationship with these issues, with the stories, with the history, and being skillful in releasing and resolving any family issues can be a powerful aspect of one's health plan.