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One of the most foundational IVs we give in our integrative medicine clinic is called a Myers Cocktail, named after its inventor, the late Dr. John Myers. Here, we generally use the smallest 27-gauge butterfly needle to access the vein and our nursing staff sits with you while a syringe containing a number of revitalizing vitamins and minerals is gently administered by hand into the vein. The powerful antioxidant and immune system support, glutathione, can also be given with a Myers via this simple IV push method.

More comprehensive IV nutrient infusions, such as a Vitamin C drip, are generally mixed in a glass bottle or IV bag that can hold a large amount of nutrients. Our Vitamin C infusions range from a 15-gram drip given over 30 minutes to a substantial 100-gram drip given over three hours and are generally also fortified with a number of B-vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Vitamin C is very helpful in aiding detoxification and supporting the immune system. It’s a common naturopathic approach to give IV Vitamin C to help the body fight many types of acute infections or even help reduce the potential side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful, universal antioxidant that is particularly helpful for strengthening a diseased liver or a stressed nervous system. We follow the protocol developed by Dr. Burt Berkson MD, a New Mexico physician who has dedicated much of his professional career to researching IV ALA. A series of ALA infusions is generally begun using low initial doses and the potency of subsequent infusions is increased over time to support the body in progressively increasing depth. ALA is an appropriate support when liver enzyme levels are elevated or there are other conditions that suggest liver inflammation.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a unique type of nutritive fat that is the main constituent of all membranes in the body. PC is what gives cell membranes a selectively permeable, liquid crystal structure where hormones and neurotransmitters interact with their receptors, sending signals into the cell’s interior. The brain is a mass of fat and protocols that incorporate IV PC are used to nourish the Central Nervous System in various neurological conditions. PC is also a nutrient that emulsifies excess fat and cholesterol, reducing the viscosity of the bile and improving its flow out of the liver and gallbladder. IV PC can even help to emulsify excess fat out of the liver in cases of fatty liver disease as well as emulsifying the arterial plaque that accumulates on the blood vessel walls in cardiovascular disease. In chronic infections, IV PC is able to emulsify and remove fat soluble biotoxins and lipopolysaccharides produced by infectious microbes. Dr. Patricia Kane is researcher and clinician who has described the additive effects of IV PC with a Myers Cocktail and IV glutathione given in succession. This Patricia Kane or PK protocol is an advanced method of administering IV phosphatidylcholine performed at 360 Medicine.

We all have a burden of disruptive toxins in our bodies, from heavy metals to opportunistic microbes to synthetic chemicals. Chelation therapy with IV EDTA is a well-studied therapy for improving coronary artery disease outcomes by enhancing blood flow to the heart. EDTA chelation is also used to remove lead from the body while also breaking down mineral-containing microbial biofilms. Many people with complex chronic illnesses have a limited ability to excrete the toxins mobilized by EDTA. We tend to start a chelation program with relatively low doses, ramping up the potency of the IV incrementally, being careful not to tax the kidneys which have the job of excreting the toxins that are pulled into the bloodstream by the EDTA. With IV chelation, we feel that it is important to measure the amount of lead, mercury and other toxic metals in the urine after the initial infusion and then periodically thereafter to monitor the therapeutic reduction of toxic load. The amount of disruptive toxins eliminated in the urine after an IV chelation predictably goes down as the body burden is lessened with sequential sessions. Our staff has been formally trained and certified in the use of IV EDTA by the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

Dr. Russ Canfield is a founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and our clinic is well trained in the use of various forms of IV oxidative therapies, including the use of activated oxygen and peroxide. Extensive international research has shown that oxidative therapy creates a number of synergistic metabolic benefits. Oxidative medicine regulates the immune system, having both the ability to calm an overactive auto-immunity while also having the capacity to strengthen a suppressed immune system. Oxidative medicine increases mitochondrial energy production on a cellular level, upregulates the activity of antioxidant protection enzymes and also improves blood flow. Activated oxygen has been shown to react with retained chemicals in the body, aiding in the excretion of synthetic toxins. Oxidative therapies can be used with or without conventional antimicrobials to control acute and chronic infections.

In deeper wellness protocols, it is common for us to combine different types of IVs and even other therapeutic modalities in synergistic combinations. We often combine chelation and oxidative therapy in a protocol called CheZone. Our 360Chelation combines EDTA and PC for a particularly therapeutic effect in heart disease. A CheLonic is the sequence of a Vitamin C drip with EDTA followed by a colonic that aides in the final elimination of the mobilized toxins.

In complex medical conditions, we may methodically alternate different IV therapies from one session to the next in a rotational circuit to effectively rehabilitate a number of body systems simultaneously. For example, for a client with a challenging neurodegenerative condition, it is possible to give the nourishing PK protocol IV on week 1, a CheZone IV on week 2 and the antioxidants ALA and glutathione on week 3. With this type of artful synergy using an individually-dosed rotational program, we are able to both nourish and detoxify the terrain of the body in a way that can lead to a transformative shift back to health.

Our center also performs a number of IV therapies not listed here. Please contact us for more specifics, pricing or to schedule some restorative IV therapy.